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Where Should I Install My New Aircon System?

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After buying a residential or commercial/industrial aircon, it is important to know exactly where you want to install your unit. By installing your aircon in the right placement, you will be able to maximize its cooling capabilities so that your entire home or workspace can feel more refreshing than ever. With that said, here are some guidelines to help you decide where to install your new home aircon:


Proper Indoor Unit Location


An indoor aircon unit should be able to provide maximum comfort and coolness. For this to be possible, it is recommended that you have your aircon installed at the topmost portion of your walls so that it can spread out cold air extensively. To ensure even air distribution, have it placed at the centermost area of your home or workspace. There should not be obstructions around your residential or office aircon, as the airflow may be restricted causing aircon not cold issues.

Be sure to avoid placing your aircon in the corner as this area tends to be relatively warm and may end up damaging your unit, resulting in frequent aircon repairs. You should also remember not to place your aircon in an area where dust often accumulates. By doing so, you do not have to clean your aircon filters too frequently.


Proper Placement of Aircon In Room

When having an office or HDB aircon installed inside a room, it is best to place it near the ceiling to allow it to cool the entire area. It is also best to have your unit set up in a way that allows easy drainage for condensed water. Moreover, it should be able to have good ventilation so that the air it releases does not get trapped. You should also make sure that the area where you install your aircon is sturdy enough to handle its weight and movement.

Another thing that you should consider when having an inverter or non-inverter aircon installed inside a room is its noise and vibration levels. Not only will a misplaced unit be highly distracting to the owner, but the aircon noise can disturb those living nearby as well.


Aircon Installation Height

When having an aircon installation, it is vital that you consider how high your unit should be placed on your walls. Most experts recommend that a split-type unit have a distance of around 2.1 to 2.4 meters between its base and the floor. On the other hand, it is said that a window-type aircon should comprise a distance of 0.75 to 1.2 meters for the same area. By having a technician install your aircon at the proper height, you can ensure that airflow is distributed at a wide enough range.


Proper Outdoor Unit Location


For your outdoor unit and its indoor aircon parts to function properly, you might want to have it installed in an area where it can have enough ventilation. It should also be able to drain any water that it collects without damaging any surrounding structures, land, or furniture.

Your outdoor unit should also provide easy access for aircon maintenance purposes and must not be exposed to any corrosive substances.  Furthermore, it should be set up in a place where it is not prone to falling. In most HDB and condo buildings, ledges are available to install your aircon.


Importance of Space


As mentioned, keeping your aircon free from obstructions can prevent its air flow from becoming restricted. When a unit is unable to distribute air freely, it can start to overheat and consume more energy than is required. Besides that, an aircon that is installed too close to any large structures or furniture is more prone to damage.


When To Use An Old Location

Most of the time, finding a new location for your aircon can be extremely costly and time-consuming. Thus, if you are merely replacing your old aircon as opposed to overhauling your entire air conditioning system, you might want to consider using the same location where your previous model was. This will spare you the inconvenience of having to make extremely expensive renovations.


When To Install An Aircon In A New Location

At times, a unit may start experiencing certain aircon emergencies despite being well-maintained due to space limitations or obstructions. In that case, it might be best to transfer it to a new location where it can have better airflow. Doing this can help in restoring your installed aircon to its former state as well as prevent it from sustaining any significant damage.




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