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Why Is Daikin One of the Most Popular Aircon Brands in Singapore?


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Due to the hot and humid climate in Singapore, a majority of homeowners have one or more air conditioners installed to regulate the room temperature and humidity levels. While individuals in Singapore can choose from a wide variety of aircon brands, aircon experts recommend purchasing one or more aircon systems from Daikin for potential aircon buyers. Some of the reasons why Daikin is one of the best-selling aircon brands in Singapore are discussed in detail to help buyers choose the right aircon for their homes. 


Daikin Aircons Have a Great Aesthetic 

All Daikin aircon are designed so that they can match the decor of any room where they are installed without affecting the aesthetics of the room. The aircon is usually white in colour so they are suitable for all room colours. The indoor unit for the aircon is usually small in size and can be installed at a height in the room, without affecting the layout of the room. Therefore, for this reason, many Singaporeans choose to install Daikin aircons.


Daikin Is A Global Brand Known For Innovation and Quality 

Although there are many aircon energy-saving tips, the energy consumption of an aircon is still a large part of the overall utility bill. Thus, most people purchase aircon from a reputed company. Daikin is one of the most well-known aircon brands worldwide since it has been designing and selling aircon for more than 80 years. The company is well known for its innovation and high-quality products – developing new products considering changing market conditions and customer feedback. Daikin aircon systems are known for their high-quality worldwide in more than 160 countries, due to this experience Daikin has a very good understanding of the requirements of its customers. 


Daikin Aircons Are Quiet 


Among the many types of aircon, quiet air conditioners like Daikin’s iSmile series are preferred so that they and their family members are not disturbed while sleeping, working, or studying. In their aircon units, Daikin consciously tries to provide solutions to the common types of aircon noise. They have designed their range of aircon to reduce the noise they generate when cooling the room. For most models, the noise levels are only 19 dB which is like the sound of rustling leaves. In a few cases, for larger capacity aircon, the noise levels are slightly higher at 22 dB. 


Daikin Aircons Are Among the Most Energy Efficient Aircon in the Market 

Everyone would like to reduce the monthly electricity bill they pay, and choosing the right Daikin air conditioner can help lower electricity consumption to a great extent. Considering you’ve ensured that your Daikin aircon is properly installed, the popular Daikin aircon is extremely energy efficient and is one of the aircons that are rated at NEA 5 ticks. Some Daikin aircon models also have the intelligent eye feature to automatically switch off the aircon when there is no one in the room. 

The Daikin Smile Series (Inverter) – MKS50TVMG / CTKS25TVMG X2 stands out as an energy-efficient air conditioning option due to its advanced features. There are many benefits to installing an inverter aircon like this one. Aircon inverter technology can conserve energy by operating at variable speeds to maintain a consistent room temperature. This aircon model offers an optimal combination of performance and energy efficiency. By installing this Daikin aircon, users can enjoy superior cooling while reducing their energy consumption and monthly bills.


Daikin Aircons Provide Good Air Quality 


The different models of Daikin aircon are designed with high-quality filters. Clean aircon filters are important to remove the dust, dirt, harmful microbes and smell from the air which is being cooled. The Daikin iSmile series has a high-quality 2.5 PM filter that can trap dust particles, pollen, and dirt that is 2.5 microns or larger. This is so that the air in the room being cooled is clean and safe to breathe.


Daikin Aircons Have Built In Smart Controls and Smart Home Automation Features


A reason why you should purchase the Daikin iSmile series, which are the newer aircon models of Daikin is that they are designed with smart controls. They have an inbuilt wifi module so that they can be controlled remotely using a smartphone. This can be done after installing the Daikin app. The aircon indoor units are programmed and it is possible to control the temperature in the different rooms using the app. Additionally, you can make your Daikin aircon to be more efficient. This is because their aircon can also be switched on and off remotely or at a preset time – for greater comfort or to reduce energy consumption and prevent energy waste. The aircon can be easily integrated with smart home automation systems. 


Daikin Offers a Wide Range of Aircon Models 

In choosing what aircon to install, homeowners are opting to have a Daikin aircon installed due to their wide range of aircon to suit the cooling requirement, space available, and budget of its customers. The aircon models are designed for homes of different sizes based on the number and area of the rooms. Daikin has also developed new models which incorporate the latest technology for remote control using smartphones, apps, and filters for better air purification. 


Daikin Aircon Is More Environmentally Friendly 

Daikin aircons utilize inverter technology, and since there are many ways an inverter can help you save electricity, it is one of the environmentally friendly aircon in the market. In addition, the newer models of Daikin aircon are also designed to reduce damage to the environment. The aircon is using R-32 refrigerant which does not damage the ozone layer of the earth compared to other refrigerants used earlier like R410A.


Daikin Aircons Help Save Money In the Long Run


When comparing older aircon to those equipped with inverters, the use of the latest technology in Daikin air conditioners, such as inverters, results in significantly lower electricity consumption for cooling a room. Choosing an inverter aircon is one of the ways to save money on an aircon in the long term, this is because the electricity bill is lower. The inverters used for aircon controls will ensure the desired temperature is reached quickly. Thus consuming less power and energy while ensuring that the room remains at the desired temperature. As a result, Daikin provides one of the best-selling inverters in the market.


Engage DW Aircon Servicing For Your Daikin Aircon Installation Services

Families who purchased a high-quality Daikin aircon for their homes should ensure that it is properly installed so that it will cool the rooms quickly and efficiently. Hence, they should contact DW Aircon Servicing Singapore as we are considered to be one of the most reputed aircon installation services in Singapore. Our team of skilled technicians is well-trained in aircon services such as aircon installation and aircon servicing for aircon brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, and more. With their skills and experience, they will install the aircon properly and safely. After installing the different components of the aircon, they will test the aircon, and ensure it is functioning properly which is some of the important things to look out for during aircon installations.



Due to the hot and humid climate in Singapore, air conditioners have become a necessity for many homeowners. While there are various aircon brands to choose from, Daikin is a popular and recommended choice by experts in Singapore. Daikin aircons have several advantages such as their aesthetics, their units’ innovation and quality, quiet operation, energy efficiency, good air quality, smart controls and automation features, a wide range of models to choose from, being environmentally friendly, and many more. Choosing a Daikin aircon can help homeowners save money in the long run, as they use the latest technology and consume less electricity. Overall, Daikin is a brand that offers reliable and high-quality aircon systems for homes. If you’re interested in purchasing a Daikin aircon in Singapore or require professional Daikin aircon services or Daikin aircon repairs, contact DW Aircon Servicing Singapore today. Our team of experts can help you choose the right Daikin aircon model for your home and provide top-notch installation and maintenance services. 


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