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Why is my Air Conditioner Not Cold?

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Air conditioners are considered a must-have appliance in all homes, offices, commercial buildings, and even schools. Along the way, due to lack of regular aircon servicing or other reasons, your aircon may face some of these common issues, including your aircon not being cold enough. All air conditioners are eventually prone to disrepair and will need an aircon repair at some point. For extensive damages and problems, it is always better to contact a professional aircon service company


Here are some reasons why your aircon may not be cold:









1. Faulty Compressor – The compressor is one of the important components of any air conditioner. Its main function is to help distribute cold air in your room, but if it is damaged or clogged, it will result in the aircon not being cold. This will need to have an aircon servicing company to inspect and provide you with a diagnosis of what is the root problem. 









2. Dirty Air Filter – There is a reason why it is constantly stressed that regular aircon servicing is important. The main reason why the air filter of your air conditioner should be changed regularly is that a dirty air filter will restrict the flow of air and cause your aircon to be not cold. The air filter should be cleaned every 3 months, and for commercial aircon, on a monthly basis.









3. Faulty Fan – If the fan motor cannot perform its optimal function due to dirt and debris, then the aircon will not get cold as much as it should. The fan could be repaired or replaced depending on how severe the degree of damage is. Our trained aircon technicians can assist you with this.








4. Low Aircon Gas – The coolant liquid used for cooling the warm air in the room, which is pumped by the AC’s compressor into the evaporator coils, is a refrigerant that is refilled by an aircon gas top up. If the aircon doesn’t seem to be cold enough, this could be one of the reasons.








5. Leakage of Coolant or Refrigerator – In relation to low aircon gas, it might not be that is a low level, but because the coolant has been leaking out. In this case, it is an aircon emergency and must be attended to quickly by a professional aircon company. 









6. Clogged Condenser Coils – The condenser coils expend heat from the air conditioner’s compressor. The efficiency of these coils may get reduced due to dirt or dust as it is located outdoors. This problem can be solved with servicing at regular intervals, which we offer as part of our aircon services.









7. Frozen Evaporator Coils – Evaporator coils basically function by pumping the refrigerant through the coils themselves, which eventually helps the aircon to get cold to cool the room. The evaporator coils may get frozen for clogged because of dirt stuck in them, and as a result, the AC will not be able to cool the room efficiently. Our trained technicians can identify this problem, and fix this issue. 

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