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Why is My Aircon Making Loud Noises and How To Fix It

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Aircon installations are meant to regulate your home’s temperature levels so that you can work and relax comfortably. Your aircon requires regular aircon maintenance for it to function properly. Lack of this may increase your need for aircon services such as an aircon chemical overhaul and aircon gas top up. Not only that but your residential or commercial/industrial aircon can start producing loud noises if not taken care of in the right way.

Leaving loud aircon noises unattended can cause your unit to become irreparable. In order to avoid this, be sure to take note of the following guidelines.


Reasons For Loud Aircon Noises

Damaged or Loose Fan Blade


There are many reasons why the aircon you have installed can start making loud noises. One possibility is a damaged or loose fan blade. When this component sustains any kind of defect or becomes loose, it can eventually lose its balance. As a result of this imbalance, the blade can start hitting other aircon parts which can eventually lead to loud noises being produced from the aircon fan motor.

Malfunctioning Compressor and Loose Bearings


Besides a loose or damaged fan blade, an installed aircon can also start to produce loud noises because of a malfunctioning compressor. In other cases, the cause of the aircon noises can be attributed to damaged or loose bearings. Over time, these bearings can deteriorate due to dirt accumulation or simple wear and tear. When this happens, they can end up producing a grinding or squealing noise. This can be prevented through frequent aircon cleaning and servicing.

Missized Ducts and Refrigerant Leaks

Aircon noises can also come about due to the wrong aircon duct size. When the aircon ducts are too small, airflow becomes restricted which often results in a loud whooshing noise. Upgrading the ducts will be necessary in that case. But if your ducts seem to be of the right size, then check if your residential or office aircon has a refrigerant leak. Normally, this type of aircon leak causes the unit to produce a distinctive gurgling sound.

Troubleshooting Aircon Noises

It is usually possible to determine what form of damage your inverter or non-inverter aircon has by listening closely to the kind of noises that it produces. Some of these noises include the following:

Rattling Noise: This usually indicates that there is certain debris lodged inside the unit that needs to be removed through proper aircon cleaning.

Clanking Noise: This noise often means that a metal component (such as the fan blades) might be loose and is hitting other parts nearby.

Redundant Clicking Noise: This normally suggests that the relays of your office or HDB aircon installation might be in need of repair.

Screaming or Screeching Noise: This kind of noise might be caused by a heavily damaged compressor, motor, motor bearings, or fan belt.

Banging Noise: Oftentimes, a banging noise can occur due to depleted refrigerant levels which can normally be resolved through an aircon gas top up.


How Concerned Do I Have To Be About Aircon Noises?


Due to the expenses that come with maintaining an aircon, many aircon owners would like to find out if the noisy aircon problem can be solved themselves or requires major repairs. It is usually normal for any installed aircon to produce soft humming noises due to the way the motor runs. However, loud noises might indicate that there are certain components of your installed aircon which might be loose or damaged. One or more aircon repairs will be needed in that case.

You should also be concerned about aircon noises if you experience a decrease in your unit’s performance as well. An aircon whose performance declines considerably might be experiencing major problems such as an aircon water or gas leak. If you experience these issues but they happen to be irreparable, then it might be best to get your aircon replaced with a more durable and cost-effective model. That way, you can decrease the chances of aircon noises ever taking place again.


What Steps Can I Take To Resolve My Aircon Noise Problems?

Assess The Severity of The Issue At Hand

You can determine whether you require an aircon repair or replacement by assessing the possible causes of your aircon noise problems. If you think that the sounds coming from your unit are the result of debris getting lodged in its internal parts, then you can simply have a technician clean them out for you. You can also opt for an aircon repair if problems faced by your aircon are minor. But if you think you are facing severe issues relating to heavily damaged or loose components, then opting for an aircon replacement might be the better option.

Contact A Reputable Aircon Service Provider


To ensure that the unusual noises coming from your aircon are eliminated completely, it is best that you engage a reputable aircon service. By doing so, you will be able to have your aircon serviced as quickly as possible. Aircon technicians also have the right type of equipment needed to properly fix any components which might be loose or damaged. Moreover, they can easily determine whether your unit needs to be replaced with a more durable and efficient aircon model.



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