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Why Mitsubishi Aircon is the Best Energy Saving Aircon in Singapore  

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Singapore is a region that has a hot and humid environment. It, therefore, becomes essential for households and commercial buildings to install air conditioners and systems. Despite the need for aircon, Singaporeans still do care about its effect on the environment and its energy efficiency, which is why it is one of the most important things to look out for when installing an aircon. As such, most people would lean towards Mitsubishi aircon as it is a top 3 selling aircon brand in Singapore because of these reasons: 


  1. Energy Efficiency 

Before choosing which Mitsubishi Electric Starmex aircon to install, check what NEA rating it has gotten for its energy efficiency. Try to avoid any aircon units that have not received a rating, and aim for NEA 5 ticks for the most energy-efficient aircon unit. Most of Mitsubishi’s Electric Starmex air conditioners are rated 5 ticks. This means that in the long run, your electricity bills incur savings too! Just be sure to regularly care for your Mitsubishi aircon for a longer lifespan and running at optimum performance. 


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  1. Noise Level

The Mitsubishi Electric Starmex aircon cools your home as you desire without making much noise and consuming energy. This sounds like good news for light sleepers. Mitsubishi Electric Starmex aircon has always been marketed as the quietest aircon, registering at 19dB – 22dB. Being quiet while also providing strong cooling is also a good sign that the aircon unit is energy efficient. 







  1. Affordability

Another reason to consider Mitsubishi Electric Starmex aircon is its cost-effectiveness. Mitsubishi is known for manufacturing aircon at a pocket-friendly cost. The cost of maintenance is also very cheap as Mitsubishi aircon models are readily available in the market, which means their spare parts for aircon repair is also quite easy to purchase. See our Mitsubishi aircon promotions for the best prices for Mitsubishi aircon installation.  


  1. Durability

The system you purchase should depict the value of your money not only through its affordability but also through its strength. These units come with long-term warranties and are slow breakdowns. To make your aircon more durable, you need to maintain it regularly. We at DW Aircon Servicing Singapore offer 5+1 years of manufacturer’s warranty and 6 months workmanship warranty when you install a Mitsubishi aircon with us. We are also adept at performing quarterly aircon servicing for you to maintain your Mitsubishi aircon. First-time customers get 50% off their quarterly aircon servicing subscription! 









  1. Good Aircon Features

The Mitsubishi Electric Starmex aircon is designed to be compact so that it fits into most HDB flats without being obtrusive. With each aircon model, Mitsubishi releases aircon features that seem like a package deal of everything a modern individual would need for convenience, safety and health.  








  1. Cleaning and maintenance

The aircon units have an easy clean design that makes it easier for you to clean the vents, fan, and filters. Or leave it to the professional aircon companies like us to help you with aircon servicingaircon chemical overhaulaircon gas top up, or any other aircon services, at affordable prices with guaranteed quality.  


There are many advantages of installing a Mitsubishi aircon which gives many reasons for Singaporeans to love it. Choose Mitsubishi today with DW Aircon Servicing Singapore!

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