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Why Won’t My Mitsubishi Aircon Turn On?

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With the temperature rising, the only thing that can give you relief is your Mitsubishi Aircon. However, when you try turning your Mitsubishi Aircon on, there is no cooling air at all and you realize that your aircon is not turned on at all. You attempt to turn it on again but it fails. This can make you anxious as it is difficult to spend a day without your aircon not working.

Since you have a problem, you have to find a solution as well, such as engaging professional aircon services. Before finding a solution, you must understand the cause. Let us learn about the reasons that have caused your Mitsubishi Aircon not to turn on:


Tripped Circuit Breaker


Circuit breakers are designed to turn off when they receive an electricity overload. This is good as it can help prevent a fire from starting in your home. There can be many reasons behind a circuit breaker tripping. It can be because of an appliance that is very old or when too many appliances are used together and consuming too much electricity. No matter what the reason, if the breaker that offers power to your Mitsubishi Aircon trips, then your unit will not turn on.


Wall Outlet Overload


Your electrical wall plugs are designed with some standard voltage load. If you plug too many appliances into a single wall outlet using an electrical adapter or extension, the wall outlet can experience an overload and short. If your wall outlet has an overload or is faulty, then your Mitsubishi Aircon will not start – one of the reasons why your aircon stopped working. This problem can be easily avoided by not plugging other appliances into the wall outlet with your aircon unit.


Faulty Mitsubishi Aircon Thermostat


A faulty thermostat can impact the performance of your air conditioner. First, check if your thermostat display reads on. If it is off, it cannot signal your Mitsubishi Aircon to turn on. Next, in case you have a battery-operated thermostat, check their batteries. If the batteries are okay, then check if your thermostat is working. Set it to a temperature around 5 to 6 degrees less than the present room temperature. After a few minutes, keep your hand right in front of your air conditioner’s vent and feel the cold air. If it is blowing cold air, then the issue is solved. In case your air conditioner has not turned on yet, then turn your thermostat off, take off its cover, and check its components. Look for the presence of corrosion or debris, and also check if there are blown fuses. Debris can be cleaned using a soft brush, but if there are other common aircon issues to troubleshoot, then you will need professional help.


Clogged Mitsubishi Aircon Air Filter


If you have not cleaned your Mitsubishi air filter for a long time, then perhaps it has become dirty and clogged. This can be the reason behind your Mitsubishi Aircon not turning on. In case your filter is filled with debris, then the airflow will be blocked. Dirty air filters can even freeze the outdoor aircon unit, and this will prevent your system from working efficiently. In some cases, your aircon will not turn at all. That is why it is important to have clean aircon filters.


Low Refrigerant Levels


A refrigerant shortage can also be the reason behind your Mitsubishi Electric Aircon not turning on. A refrigerant is a cooling fluid present in the coils of your aircon. It provides the much-needed cool air that you enjoy. There can be a refrigerant shortage, but it is not because your aircon uses up the entire fluid. Leakage can be the reason behind this problem. Cracks can build up in your aircon coil over time and cause the aircon to leak water. It is important to have regular aircon servicing as if you do not opt for it, this problem can eventually lead to corrosion.

To fix your Mitsubishi Aircon leak and to solve the problem, you need professional help from aircon experts. Experts will first find out the reason behind your Mitsubishi Aircon not turning on. If a refrigerant shortage is a reason, they shall fill the refrigerant to the exact levels recommended. Your aircon will start running just fine by then. Even if other issues are preventing your aircon from working, they will identify and rectify it quickly and perfectly.


Dirty Evaporator Coil

Dust, debris, and dirt from your everyday life can collect on your Mitsubishi Aircon’s evaporator coils, condenser, and aircon filter. If dirt and debris build up on the evaporator coils, it will make your aircon less efficient, and there can be a complete gradual breakdown. This is why regular aircon servicing maintenance is necessary to avoid such problems.


Dirty Condenser Lines

Just like your aircon filter and evaporator coils, condenser lines can also get dirty. Mold and algae can develop on them over time. In certain cases, a bird or rodent might build their home. A tip to care for your Mitsubishi Aircon is that you can locate your aircon’s condenser unit outside your home, lift the lid, and clean it using a dry/wet vacuum. You may even use distilled white vinegar to eliminate any debris present inside. Before you begin cleaning the condenser lines, make sure to turn off the power source that provides electricity to your air conditioner.


Damaged Mitsubishi Aircon Power Cord

Though this is not a common problem, your Mitsubishi Aircon power cord might not be transmitting voltage, this will prevent your aircon from turning on. Also, an aircon power cord that has signs of physical damage like a frayed or broken cord must not be used at all to prevent future problems. Testing if a Mitsubishi Aircon power cord is faulty is not easy. You need to unplug the cord, set the multimeter, and many more that require time, patience, and knowledge. If you do anything incorrectly, you will be doing your aircon more harm than good.

Instead of taking risks and paving the way to bigger problems, you can take the help of DW Aircon Servicing Singapore experts. Each of the experts goes through rigorous training, is highly experienced, and has the knowledge to diagnose a damaged Mitsubishi Aircon power cord, other issues, and perform other aircon services. Whether your power cords are the reason why your Mitsubishi Aircon stopped working or there is another reason, DW Aircon Servicing Singapore experts shall identify it quickly. They shall let you know about the problem and the solution. Once they have your approval, they shall start working on it and before you know it, your aircon will start working perfectly, making you worry-free in the long run.



You might be using your Mitsubishi Aircon often because of the high temperature, and you realize you cannot turn it on. A tripped circuit breaker, dirty evaporator coil, clogged air filter, and a damaged power cord might be some of the reasons why your Mitsubishi Aircon would not turn on. In that case, it is recommended to engage a professional to help fix the problem as they are experts that can handle the job and perform a Mitsubishi aircon repair quickly and efficiently.


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