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Why You Should Not Choose an Aircon Chemical Wash

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2020)

Whenever their installed aircon experiences problems, many people opt for an aircon chemical wash so it can work normally again. This type of aircon service usually involves disassembling the aircon and then inspecting its internal components for signs of mold, dust, or dirt. Once the inspection process is done, chemical cleaning agents are used to wash the residential or commercial aircon’s different parts. When all signs of mold and dirt have been washed and rinsed off, the aircon is reassembled so it can be used once more.

Although an aircon chemical wash may seem like a useful way of maintaining an aircon, it actually presents many limitations. Because of this, many experts recommend opting for an aircon chemical overhaul instead. To better understand why an aircon chemical wash is not considered ideal, be sure to take note of the following:


Why Is An Aircon Chemical Wash Not Considered Sufficient?


Although an aircon chemical wash involves various procedures and is quite expensive, it does not completely solve all problems that a home or office aircon might be experiencing. Unlike an aircon chemical overhaul, it merely entails washing off mold and dirt from various aircon parts without checking if they need repairing or replacing. Remember that certain issues like aircon water leaks cannot be resolved through simple washing and require certain components to be completely fixed or changed.

Another reason why an aircon chemical wash is not considered sufficient is that it does not completely remove all forms of dirt and bacteria that build up on the unit’s components. Because only chemical solutions are used to wash them off, small particles tend to remain. This is in contrast to an aircon chemical overhaul which uses maximum water pressure to ensure that no contaminants are left on any parts.


What Steps Are Involved In An Aircon Chemical Overhaul?


Unlike an aircon chemical wash, an aircon chemical overhaul involves various procedures which go beyond getting rid of dirt and bacteria.

Normally, an aircon chemical overhaul starts by switching off the unit, locking down the gas system, and then removing the cover. Once all components of the aircon have been inspected, major aircon parts like the fan, motor, drain pan, blower wheel, and evaporator coil are dismantled. These are then washed with chemical solutions and then rinsed with strong water pressure so that all forms of mold and grime which they have collected are removed.

Once the critical parts of the installed aircon have been washed, anything defective is repaired or replaced. The rotary fan bearings are also lubricated to minimize noise production and increase efficiency. The thermostat is examined as well to ensure that it works properly.

When all necessary parts of the inverter or non-inverter aircon have been cleaned, wiped, and fixed, the entire unit is then reassembled and reattached. Afterward, the unit is tested to confirm if any problems persist.


Why Should You Hire Aircon Chemical Overhaul Services?


Rather than opt for an aircon chemical wash, you may want to opt for an aircon chemical overhaul instead. Besides thoroughly washing the different components of your aircon, this process ensures that any defective parts are repaired or replaced. As a result, your unit is guaranteed to function normally and with much improved performance. Furthermore, you no longer need to worry about any issues like aircon water leaks recurring. Your need for other services like an aircon gas top up and special aircon repairs is decreased as well. An aircon chemical overhaul also minimizes your unit’s energy consumption so that you can avoid receiving highly expensive electric bills.



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